His Funny Face!

CandleLight Dinner

Last night
Paya Terubong area was out of electric
EXCEPT for my residental area..
i wonder why.

i had my dinner with my Lou Yao
in Nanshan.

So romantic..
having candle light dinner =)


Selamat Hari Raya

IT's HOLIDAY! again...
never get bored of it =)
special holiday tmr~!
im gOing to my friends' house for raya
from penang along to taiping...
with the irritating one & 3 of my malay friends
LoOking fOrward
Selamat Hari Raya!

i wanna watch

im in L.u.r.v.e With You

Read It!!

Are you tense and angry because you can't get online?
A leading psychiatrist says that Internet addiction is now a serious health problem that should be officially recognized as a clinical disorder.
The disorder is now so common that it should be included in medical textbooks.

im drowning in stress lake


im so breathless

i nid sOme space

daddy plans to go phuket during hols.
hOpefully i can have sunbath there
sOmebody told me that dark skin lady looks s.e.x.y


i watched it!

i watched it.
quite nice la..
especially when they die.
horrible.i can even feel the pain.

i wana watch it in 3D
but only at night.

Janet&Hunt. This was what Nick saw. They manage to escape themselves... Being like this.

Forget his name. He's trying to kill George for stoping him to save his wife from the accident. But then at last.. he got "kill" by his own big truck.

Janet. Get caught in a car washing machine...

Screaming for help.

Lori manage to rescue Janet. They thought this will change the fate.

Nick. Trying to stop the cinema from exploding

She's escaped once, but her fate still with her.

Nick trying to hold on tight, but at last he fails. It was just what he the image in his mind.

Dip in ur lover's blood.. how does it feel?

Join The Petition? Not to Join The Petition?

News from the Education Department
"Senior Secondary Schedule will be changing soon"
"Schooling time will be extended from 0730-1400/1440 to 0730-1600"

Changing the system as they like...
what's the purpose??
to increase the studying time for stpm?
classes extend till 4pm.
no time for homework.
no time for tuition.
no time for part-time jobs.
no time for games.
this will only contributes to more night crawlers. i bet.
there are only free time after the sunsets.
macam hantu...only come out at night. (p/s im not saying those night owls.)

another thing is PPSMI
the purpose of this project is to increse the ability of students to speak, write, & express in a better English.
the government had threw out millions of RINGGITS to print books in english.
now reverse.
wasnt this an action of wasting money $$ful and time $$less.

About the extending studying time for senior secondary.
whether it's going to be implement or not.
nobody can controls
only the one who's sitting on he big chair says it all.
we are the people who suffer.
teachers, students.

they wont care.
they just want to make "MALAYSIAN educated better"
without thinking the people who's spinning down here.

Obake-Ya 监狱居酒屋

Japanese Restaurant in Jail.
Business Hours: Sun-Thurs (12pm-2.30pm, 5pm-12am),
Fri-Sat (12pm-2.30pm, 6pm-1am).

Chemical tested in Lab. Safe tO drink.

sOmebOdy drOp hIs eyeball