Twinning Programme PFS-PRS

sa wa dee ka.

back from Ranong, Thailand and currently in Singapore
what a great December

Ranong is a great place for entertainment, Learning, and of course
meeting new friends.

These are some photos and briefing about what's going on in this twinning programme:

1st morning in Ranong
my lovely congee by my yaii ( grandmother ) in Thai
In Pichai Rattanakhan
-we. people from pfs.-

-we. in Thai Culture Class.-
We do learn about Thai language
We also learn about the Loy Kratong
Let me brief you about this must-celebrate-festival in Thailand.

"Loi" means "to float" and a "krathong" is traditionally made from a section of banana tree trunk.
A krathong will be decorated with elaborately-folded banana leaves, flowers, candles and incense sticks.
During the night of the full moon, Thais will float their krathong on a river, canal or a pond lake. The festival is believed to originate in an ancient practice of paying respect to the spirit of the waters. Today it is simply a time to have fun.

We also learn how to make a kratong

The students of PRS teach us how to play their traditional games
it's kinda like 老鹰捉小鸡in malaysia.

We also play games using coconut shells.
Lunch time.
This caught my attention

-banana ice cream-

We had a dinner together in school with the PRS
after dinner,
we went to the field to let go 孔明灯
direct translate: Sky Lanterns

-formost, my foster brother-

-little stars-

Saturday, 18 December 2010
having breakfast at home
cake plus soya milk.
i had soya milk every day for the past few days
leave house at 7.30am and prepare for our field trip
we went to the Andaman Research Station for Developement near the Andaman Sea
we are given task to do a survey on organisms in mangrove forest

Then,here comes the fun part
everyone's favourite

to the Khrong Nakha River
we did observation on the Crinum thaianum or Water Onion
This is one very special but endangered species
they are found in Ranong and xxx ( forgotten the name) in Thailand ONLY

google about it.
now let me show you the fun part

BAMBOO RAFTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much to these guys
they had bring the raft very well

19 December 2010
My house Shih Tzu
Moo too & Yuan Yuan

see how cute they are.

we went to the hot spring with Jaja, Prim, Henry and alex
meet with some other Thais there.
Win came by bike to meet us

Off to Roti canai shop to have our breakfast
forget to mentioned that i had Soya Milk again that morning

here comes the food
we had Roti Boom, Murtabak and Roti pizza

Then off to one of the famous temple in Ranong
xxx temple

Win got us 2 x 8kgs bread for the fishes
-see how happy they are-

And we get to climb up this stairs
stairs to catch the bets view of Ranong

-Kah Fai the Walking Corpse-

after 300++ steps up
we reach the top
The left behind. xD

We had Dunkin Donuts as..
Tonic Snacks. xD

Go shopp shopp shopp in the ONe & Only Mall in Ranong
~Tesco Lotus~

bought Lots of Pocky. Lots of Yogurt Drink

-see. told u we bought LOTS-

After lotus,
we went to Hat Som Pen, one of the famous hot spring in Ranong
had ice cream with coconut flesh

such a tiring day.
went to so places and lastly we went to The ADVENTURE
*ta dangg*
here are some of the stuff we played
-flying fox-

-idk what its called but it's scary & tiring-

and the end of the day...
i got lots of bruises and muscle ache -.-

breakfast - cookies + SOYA MILK
enter class today
my beloved classs M6/3
-busy writing profile-

My lunch
i got these every day by my yaii
how sweet

-Tang with her smile-


off to "my Bake" after schooll...
since Jajaa Coffee Shop was close...


-The moon-

After dinner activities
Karaoke + Limbo

Tuesday, 21 December2010

-alex, me, Henry-

Presentation about the research in Khrong Nakha & Andaman Reseach Station


The performances
Pfs brought you
-Nour El-sham-


-Inang Cina-


-Timang Burung-


The Last day
feeling bad to leave my family and friends in Ranong
-my foster family-
win, me, papa, mama and milk

-we love Ranong-

At the end
i can just say Ranong is awesome
People in Ranong, AWESOMER!

hope to visit u guys again next
planning to go Ranong in March
anyone joining?