Hey bloggie,
im back for updates...

as ive promised
im here to update bout my photography session carried out yesterday

had great time preparing stuffs with my great helpful darling, misslimaitee

went to the beach around 5pm,
late in time but the sun still shines so bright
at first it was very hot..
pity them that they have to stand the hotness of the sun
and the brightness of the reflected light

we have produce a great photoshooting session with the models

these are some of my favourite photos:


im back for some updates.

im busy learning photoshop cs5
(yeayea, im lame enough to learn ps at this age)

It's kinda hard when u dont know how to do
but it turns FUN when u learn how to manage the tools
ive tried out this.
for the VERY VERY first time.
im in love with Photoshooting as well. (as the photgrapher, not model :P)
photoshooting creates an unusual energy & confident in me..
i love taking beautiful things.
who says "beautiful" comes from the appearance only?

everything has it's own beautiful part...
what/where is urs?

My production is going to carry out soon.
Looking forward for the session.
Hope that everyone/everything goes well.

p/s: Kindly leave some comments so that i can improve and as great supports from u guys. *wink.