I wonder why so many people's birthday fall in Oct
My cuzziesss, uncle, friends....
pokkai month

Penang was in a big jam ytd night.
i took about 20 mins to reach Pizza Hut Farlim from HEHS.

i can see u're trying hard but still... F A I L

Birthday Girls

Off to Queens Neway....
attending HIS aunt's birthday party

yumyum.... kampai~
Ice - not bad but kinda weird flavour ever tested
blueberry - tasted like liquid med
blackcurrant - best. alcoholic ri-be-na
Plus - not my bottle of liquor xD

sang loads of old song.
三月里地小雨 西呖呖呖呖呖~~

Fun @ Music Room

Throughout the while studying in Penang Free School
I joined Persatuan Kebudayaan Melayu @ PKMhers
Under these teachers advisors: Miss Girlie, Pn Molisa, Pn Jumai'yah, Miss Ng
, Miss Hanni and so on....

The persatuan had leave a great memory for me in PFS
We had joy, we had fun, We dance, We joke....

Tho sometimes we had hard time practicing like crazy..
i enjoy every show we perform. :)

thanks Miss Thoh *With Love

These SOME of the pictures i randomly pick from my files
I enjoy every different make up with those camel lashes
and every costume we wear. :)

Hope that there will be more cultural society build up
to bring life to the culture of Malaysian.

Tao @ E-gate

Went Tao @ E-gate for dinner
Halloween Theme as the decoration of the restaurant.


Saw my favourite ENDAMAME? :9

I still prefer the menu of Tao Restaurant @ Autocity.
Fresher + Nicer

Altho it's far la...




bull is shitting

why do people cant just talk what they want?

kononnya kebebasan bercakap
u dint backstab
u just talk in the other way round when ure actually pointing to someone.

i thought u learn kemahiran bercakap?
dont u?

one more thing.

THE EYE u used to stare at ME.
ppl always say " my eye what, i cn see what i want"
and any way u like right~~~

PERFECT answer.
ive gotta learn this somehow i dont.
i hate the feeling being stare tho :)

how i wish there will some kinda spray like this