why u still dunwana accept him officially?
you and him how?
where's foo?

Questions coming every day.
concerning about me and him

many obstacles gone thru
many arguments took place.
many consideration made
one answer came out.

For he is the one i want
For he is the one i choose
For him, i have to change myself
turning over a new leaf
becoming a better one. <3

Love U

I just want, true love

you are experiencing some warning signals or red flags that may leave you thinking twice about some issues. -daily horoscope on Facebook

2 men left me in just one day.
not need to think much? but why do i feel empty?

i dont blame anyone else.
it's my own fault for being greedy
i just cant make up my mind.
You? or Him?

Even the last relationship was quite moment past
why do i still having him in my mind?

i dont want to have his shadow in my life.
this shadow blackout my life so much.

i just need someone,
who can truly provide me with unlimited love and caring.

-im sorry for being, undefined.

Social Service @ Mount Miriam

Wake up in the morning............
fetching Wan, Nadiah, Jasa, Atiqah to MOunt Miriam.

Before that,
we stop by Subaidah and all those funny stories started. xD

Sampai mount miriam and there was like free food giving out.
so packed yet we can still find a parking place for big car. xD

had fun taking pics
collecting rubbish
peeking guys. xDDDD

-photos with all the nyonyas who came for performances.-

-bersatu teguh bercerai roboh!

-bagus2. berusaha ye~
-hearts them <3

First Time In My Life !

Sukan tara
Lompat Jauh, Lompat Tinggi, 400m, 100m
did all to help P.ramlee gain marks.

Took Part in Sports Day
never happened for pass 11years studying in school
got bronze

P.RamLee is Not a Failure.

P.Ramlee did a very good job today!!
Thanks to all P.Ramlee members who sacrifices their sweats and efforts~

altho we are not the best,
but we know we did the best =)

Thanks to Jacky Yeoh and the Gang ( 4x400m)
Did a great job!!
Gold Medal

We( Me, TingTing, Wan natrah & Nur Nadiah)
Kelas P got bronze for 4x100m
**bangga jugak... ><
we tried our best la.

i forgot dy but still we have some other medals la...

Gratez to WLT, a very great team
Cheeseman, Tunku Putra, Sirajuddin, Hargraves, Hamilton, Pinhorn
Great Job!

i never love Sports Day until today.
i never love P.Ramlee.... until today.

-just do it-