I, disappointed u?

How to be the Top Finalists in you?

Started to think
am i wasting 19years of my life
doing nothing?
creating nothing?

u dont see what i did
u dont see what ive created
u dont see who I AM.

uve ever bother?

"you dont know how much he loves you"
Frankly im telling

you tell me
how much.

Why is it always me?
why me??

Happy Birthday to Ms. Puto, Phung Lee Ting

this page will be a lil bit yellowish
if you guy COULDNT stand the yellowness
kindly Press the 'x' button on the right.

If i have unlimited dollars...
i'll buy you
or maybe this
For you to travel around.

Buy you

to walk with me
and mebe you'll like

Get you this
For you to text me and call me
so that we can keep in touch.

When im not with you
i'll get you
to accompany u

Get you
to keeo u warm and
to wake you up
to listen to ur problems.

I'll bring you to see
These are what i wana do for you and get it for you.
IF i can. xDDD

Happy Birthday Phung Lee Ting!

Happy Birthday to Ms. AngAng Seow Yun!

Her Profile
Name: Ang Seow Yun
Nicknames: AngAng, SeowSeow, Seow Yun, Shinju
Age: 9teen @ 14 June 1991
Favourite : Colour-Blue
: Football team-Arsenal
: Junk-ChupaChupa

Happy Birthday Babe.
Love You!
-in her sister's wedding dinner-

-Our 1st Anniversary in Tao, Autocity-

-1st CNY with her in jasa's hse-

-1st time celebrating her birthday-

-She with her cake-

-Happy Birthday YunYun-

-We are One-

Once again
we want to celebrate your 21st birthday
30th birthday
40th birthday
till we are apart =)

love u.

Nightlife. Not Going Home Tonight.

Vocal practice with the band.

*applause to the band. They really play well.
We started with Cung Ming, then Charisma
Me n Melissa gotta wait until the strings are here.

Leave and off to Gurney Drive
I gotta say this:
We have about 4 adults and 6 Children there
Uncle Tong ordered those food like they're foc
Food list:
1. Char koay teow ( 3 plates )
2. Pasembur ( 5 orang makan )
3. Sugar-cane ( 13 glass )
4. Fried Oyster
5. Hump ( 2 plates )
6. Balitong, i think ( 2 plates )
7. Otak-otak ( 3 packets )
8. Rojak
9. StingRay
10. Chicken Ass ( 15 biji )
11. etc etc etc....
-OUr dinner, supper? -

The main character of the night.
100 sticks of satay.
50 chicken, 50 pork.
( how am i going to fit in that Thai dress laaaaaa......)
Off to Coffee Island.
Have a nice talk with Uncle Tong's children
OJ, Chen Yi, SO
Their nicknames. xD
All kinds of things we talked
Movie, school, friends......

from behind: Blue Hawaii, Pink Holiday & Ocean Mystery-

Reach Home at around 1am plusplus.

My fault. What about u?

Love is all about sacrifices and efforts.
Im not trying to express that ure not sacrificing but YOU are not the only ONE who sacrificed.
Maybe u cant see what i sacrificed
Then i'll just say that, u have a blind heart.

Maybe ure thinking that (yahyah, im blind for loving u S.L.U.T).
And ure now thinking that I make u having the perception of True Love is not real.
(that's YOU yourself. whether u want to accept love AGAIN or hate it.)

You want me to make u sei sam..
I did

What u did to me?
Saying all sorts of asscaholic stuffs:
1. slut
2. Drama queen
4. acting innocent

I admit that it's my fault for being unfaithful
Dont u ever think of a reason why I always have space for other?
Coz u'll never fill that space.
u even make it more spacious.

I wanted to end this with a peaceful break up
but u came and say all sorts of blunt words
stepping my head, that nOone ever did.
trying to contaminate my name.

try la.
i dont care how people backstabb me or even come straight to my face and spit on me.

Im doing what's RIGHT for my future.

A Wonderful Wedding Night!!

Congratulations to Kah Tat & Seow Ean
Wedding Dinner in Hydro Hotel.

I had the best Wedding Dinner ever!.
(i mean Wedding Party)
Everyone dancing like nobody else.
Sing, Dance,Yell,Scream

SeowYun with her i want nobody, nobody but YOU!
Jane, Jess with their 朋友
And lastly WE with our Y.M.C.A!!

Enjoyed the night, the food.

-the dishes served-

Below are some photos taken by a bunch of Vains. xD

-Me! Having 1st curl in my life.-

-in Grace's car.-

-During the dinner. Jane&Jess.-

-Me & my Darling, Grace =)-

-The BRIDE..................'s sister and Jess-


-and WE.-

Thanks for the night, Babes
Love you all.
Hope for the next wedding dinner!!

Henna Henna~~

feeling toOo excited cuz it's HOLIDAY!
got myself some henna on the hand.
1st try.

hope u guys like it !

i'll be doing another one on palm and feet.

Food IM Craving for. Lately.

Im in Extreme Hungry Mode now
Let's go thru my menu

Appetizer & Starters
-Shrimp cocktail. ( never try before but wish to have a try)-

-Garlic Cheese bread. (YumYum, say CHEESE)-

-Mushroom Soup ( perfect combination with garlic bread )-

-Pumpkin Soup ( creamy yummy )-

-Sushi! ( the irresistable one. )-

-Nasi Briyani ( with ayam madu, kubis..... kuah campur. )-

-KFC! ( remind me of Jasawendie who's so in love with fried chicken )-

-Hainanese Chicken Rice ( Love the chilli sauce mix with ginger )-

-Beef Burger ( i'll satisfy even u get me MCD Quarter POunder )-

-Curry Fish Head ( Ure the HOTTEST babe )-

After heavy courses,
better get some drinks to cool the body down.

-Bubble Milk Tea ( Champagne is my favourite. you? )-

-Bandung Soda ( someone intro me this drink. not bad. acceptable)-

Time for the sweetest moment

-Bee Ko Moey ( love the combination of bee ko and santan )-

-Blueberry Cheesecake ( I miss Secret Recipe's cake~~)-

-BR Icecream ( never try before~~ T.T)-

-Banana Split ( Swensen's! )-

-Lemon Sorbet ( Haagen Dazz has the best )-

Saliva going down the throat?
Tummy drumming?

feed me feed me!feed me feed me!feed me feed me!feed me feed me!feed me feed me!feed me feed me!feed me feed me!feed me feed me!