Happy Ever After

Happy Wesak Day!
Happy Public Holiday!
Happy Muvviie Day!

at first we planned to watch Prince of Persia
Queued up like MRT in GSC
(dear customers, Prince of Persia for 4.40, 5.15 and 7.40 left front seats only)

thus, we randomly he choose to watch Shrek

One, Two Freddy's Coming For YOU

Suffering Heart Disease after watching The Nightmare On Elm's Street
Too much unsur SUDDENLY
my jantung yg lemah cudnt take it.
lucky never faint inside.


Whatever u do
Dont Fall asleep

He'll come to you.

Recently Addicted to U!

The Annoying Orange!
It's totally annoying to the MAX!
But it's jokes and tricks really s.u.p.e.r.b.

-The annoying one-
Orange: Wow, you're the biggest orange i've ever seen.
you must be my big brother!
Pumpkin: I'm not your brother and Im NOT an orange
Orange: Hey Apple!
Tomato: Im not apple, Im tomato
Orange: You're Red! so u're Apple.
-The Annoying SAW-
Saw: You're the most annoying orange I've ever seen
Orange: You're the ugliest Clown Ive ever seen!
Cheese: I Wont Listen to you ANYMORE!
Orange: Hey Cheese!
Cheese: LALALALA. i cant hear you! LALALA
Orange: So, you wana start singing? OK LALALALA

Spending my whole after-exam noon watching these.

You're annoying orange~

Library. Tragedic

It's saturday!
I gotta feeling to study in library
Went there around 2.45pm

made us share tables with my cuzins friends.
(so paiseh. they have to move to other place cuz we sit on their places.)
-she. with her idiot look and her idiot book-

-we. camwhoring-

Tertendang almari di library.
i didn't noticed it's bleeding until i bend my body down to get my stuffs..
oh gosh


Exam Mode!

Exam Period
Forbidden Period.(i suppose)

Nothing can be more horrible than this.
Im so intense during Econs Exam.
He even have to suffer of my depressed mood.

19 May 2010-PA2&PP1 (still fine. manage to answer)
20 May 2010-ECO1&BM1 (wtf. hellyah~)

more papers coming up.


A Friend's Love says:
" If you ever need anything,
I'll be there."

True Love says:
" You'll never need anything;
I'll be there."

- Jimi Hollemans -


i suppose.

1st time makan big MaC
It's big for me.
But Not for D. xD

Major Updates.

11 May 2010
Happy Anniversary to My Babes!!
We celebrated our 1st Anniversary in Tao Cuisine, Autocity.

Went in a car. xD
Luan like hell
but who cares.

-before entering Tao-
Following are those peoples i cant leave in my live.
unless death make us apart

-Jasawendie, Me, Chiew Chiew, TingTing-

-Lee Ting-

-ChiewPing aka ChiewChiew-



-Ai Tee aka Aiiaii-

-My Beloved Darling, Wandex-

-You rocks Girls!-

-Girls With Heels.-
-Girls With Shoes-
-The One And Only wearing... slippers. xD-

p/s: You Girls Are Irreplaceable.!

The End.

13 May 2010
Happy Retirement Miss Lee Ewe Im aka koko Lee
This Time a bit different.
Not only malay dance,
we have 60's dance specially for her.!

-Me, in corset that makes me unbreathable-

-AiiAii and Me!!-

-so excited. 1st time wearing corset-

-Our Pussy Clone. xD- ( Seriously he can dance PCD's song very well)-

-Ah Shyang Ko. xD-

-F.A.M.O.U.S i wanna be ( made by Amin )-

-LOLS. I Love HER!-
-The More We Get Together, The Happier We'll BE! ( she looks like tebuan)-

-Video From Tao!_

The END.

Happy Mothers' Day

to all the Moms
& Specially to my beloved Mummy

Thank you for all the sacrifices u've made
I know i used to be rebel
but yet, thr's no memory of you hitting, canning or whacking me.

Although u not always beside me
but i know u have the way to care and concern about me.
This is what special about us, mummy.

Some kids found their mums are annoying
I found my mum ROCKS.

Wishlists For Mothers' Day:
1) Always Healthy
2) Always Happy
3) No Pressure

i never do my part as a daughter
now i wana tell the world

Mummy, I You!
-The Mum-
-I hope i can do this every day. Help u release pressure =)-

Another Late Night Story

fetch D around 10.45pm. (we're supposed to meet at 10pm actually. xD)
Went Dato Keramat meet up with Afeez and the Gang

Cant believe my eyes that i saw Mr Ryan with my old sec friends. xD
(Grown Up kid =))

-Mel with her baby. xD-
-The Shisha Virgin having her 1st puff *cough cough

Not bad...
But not until i accidentally took one puff with full of charcoal smell.
-Googled 'pink hookah'. and i found this cute lil one. Gonna get this for my D. HAHAH*

Around 11.30pm
Me, D, Afeez and Jenny leave for movie at 12.10pm
The cinema wasn't crowded
*wonder why~

-D.Ling- (i failed to show my dimple. D! one day im gonna fill those holes with simen!)

Yea. We watched Iron Man 2
I prefer IM 1 cuz it includes more actions, booming, machines, fighting........
But this, talk too much
and I Even Slept INSIDE!

another 1st time
1st time slp inside cinema. LoLs.

Then lepak with dy...
until around 4am.
send him home

and i, myself.
die on bed str8 after step into my room.

Enjoyable Trip

Date: 30 April 2010 - 2 May 2010
Venue: KL-Cameron Highland
Organiser: Tourism Club 2009/2010

30 April 2010

Gathered in school at 6.00am


took some vain picture. with him <3

-We.. =)
-First step in Tugu Negara *malu as a faithful malaysia. xD-
-*Merdeka! Merdeka Merdeka by Rita in Dataran Merdeka-
-From left top: D<3,>
-Muzium Negara. Went thr 2nd times dy.-
-The Three Musketeers. xD. From the left: Gary, Cheang, Daarmesh-

After all those educational places we went
times for FUN MOMENT!
time square, SUNGEI WANG, theme park... SHOOPPINGGG~~~
Roller-coaster, DNA Mixer ( Dharma had a great mixture of DNA xD) so on on on.......
After few hours in theme park,
Me & Him jalan kaki across the overhead bridge... heading Sungei Wang.
-Dinner in 3JC. Couple Set -

Gathered around8.30 gua.
den check in Prescott Inn.
Small but okay la.
Lepak with D around the inn area.

walk for a few metres + across overhead bridge
just to buy a cup of Slurrrrpeeeeeeeeee.
-Kuala Lumpur. -

1 May 2010
-Morning with HIM. ( Dont worry, im not in a room with him hahah)-

Heading CAMERON!
Bye Bye KL
See you again.
-Vaining picture. ( dont act slpy la D.. xD)
-Hello Kitty is my baby -
-Tea Farm. =) He's enjoying his homemade strawberry Ice cream. ( Ignoring me)
-We. Love this pic lots-

-The Tea FIELD-
-Competeting for the Last Bite! ( wehh.. let me have the last strawberry ice pls..)
-Hello Cameron.
-AHHHH!!!!! The Chocolate Dip Strawberry really makes me Addicted!
Malam we watched Shrooms, The Stupid asscaholic Steroid mushroom. ==
Before that, we had steamboat for dinner
then pasar malam for after-dinner exercise =)

2 May 2010
-Special Appearance: Gary&Daniel xD

-The Gigantic Hibiscus
-Buy la if you want. ( dont la steal )
-Roughyly like this la. dunno what to say.

i enjoyed. Thx Dad for the sponsorship xD