i wana watch. perhapps.

Final Destination 4 Returns....
3D version..


wonder wads my reaction when the flesh flies out~

I will use dettol after this

Its the 5th day of holiday
i went GSC to watch UP(3D) with my cousins
quite nice la that movie
makes me feel like going on a hot air balloon

The story goes like this:

For the first time, Ellie(left) & Carl (right) met in an abandoned old house. That's the place where they started to fall into each other. They have the same mission. That's to travel to Paradise of Waterfall.

They got marry & they rebuild the old house where they first met. they treasure everything in the house. (so touching. i wish to build my own with my love one). They wanted to travel to Paradise of Waterfall as they promised to each other.

They often go up hill to have picnic... looking at the sky, having their wild imagination in the cloud. This has been going on till they become old.. Ellie left Carl as she fell sick. Carl has been blue for a long time..

He made up his mind to fulfil Ellie's wish. He flew up to the sky with his balloons, bringing along his house... as he wanted to locate his house above the waterfall..

He misses his wife alot & he really wanted to fulfil as he promised.

Russel, an explorer wanted to finish his last badge "helping the seniors". so he followed Carl to this adventurous trip.

Dug, the talking dog which they met when they almost reach their destination.. he was once owned by a famed explorer Charles Muntz. But at last he's owned by Carl.

This is how the Floating House look like.. amazing?

Theory Test

having my piano test tomorrow
9.00am, in SMK Air Itam
Seat No. 77
Wish Me GoodLuck


Teambuilding by Kaunseling & Pengusaha Muda

Golden Sand


Malam Kenangan

Orientation Dinner by
Persatuan Bahasa Melayu & Persuratan Penang Free School
in Naza Hotel.
Having great dinner thr~
& i ♥ Potato Salad

V ♥lucky draw no.18

< ♥rita.18.

< ♥Me&Marzali!

< ♥Me&Atiqah

< ♥LiLSouvenir from the society

♥Thanks Sam for the make up & Hair

< ♥Desserts~


i would like to thank to some very important people in my life..
who bring me up
who cares about me
& love me like nobody else.

1. The beautiful lady, my grandma
2. The man of the family, my grandpa
3. The queen of my heart, my mum
4. The greatest man in the world, my dad
5. The greatest aunts & uncles & so on.

I would like to THANK GOD for giving me such a good life, good family & many else.

These are some snapshots during my birthday
too many to uploads.

-on the way to the beach.-

-he's damn so super duper coooooL-

-waiting for the food in Tao, Autocity-

-Tao-ee Taosss-

-im finally eighteen-

How do fireworks make those crazy shapes

Used in 12th century China to frighten off evil spirits,
fireworks are met with almost universal delight today
- particularly since Grucci family perfected the art of creating intricate
of shapes in 1992 to celebrate the quiencentennial of
Columbus's voyageto America.
Here's how it done:
Individual fireworks are housed inside large
cardboard shells that looklike giant bullet casings.
Inside each shell is a fuse and tightly packed gunpowder.
Molded within the powder are the light bursts used
to create an individual shape: pellets composed of gunpowder,
chemical pigment and a binding agent.

The key to turning random light burst into those astonishing forms
has to do with how a shell is pack.
Light burst packed in the shaped of a heart make a heart-shaped fireworks, star shapes,
ovals, so on.

sounds simple, right?
-never try these at home.-