At Last~~


got my GCB.
Not bad but it's abit too salty for me....

2010 Orientation Ball

~Demasquer La Nuit~
.July.24th 2010


This is my Mermaid Look by Samantha CSS
Pretty Outstanding make up
But different ppl has their own different view about this make up

What do you guys Think about it??


I Love it
The Theme of the Night
'Demasquer La Nuit'

But not many of them wearing mask...
i myself bought one from Kay Ell

Pictures with ma Babes!

My Duet partner, Jasawendie Lim
We sang 'Melodi' by Sheilda Majid and LinYuZhong
Grace Riko
Took a bunch of pictures with her.
another survivor: Rochelle Shinju Yun
Love u babes * huggs
Last but not least
U look gorgeous darling ~ <3
There you go...
The Table 14!!!
We would have win The Best Table if there is one.
Had lots of fun.
Dancing on the dance floor like crazy. xD

memorable night.
Service-Not bad
Programme-Cool ( esp the magic part )

Emcees: Marvelous

**thumbs up

Obsessed. L4D2

im so a.d.d.i.c.t.e.d to L4D2 lately.
( all because of the trio: grace, seow yun, jesshong )

We went to Sky Cyber Cafe to play lan-game
It was fun when we keep struggling to get all the gas together

running up and down the stairs.
got ride by jockey
got spit by spitter, the bitch
got slash by hunter
got pound by charger
got killed by tank -.-

it was lots of fun.!
the survivors
The special infected.

Memories of The King & I

Penang Free School Production
'The King & I'
4th July 2010
Dewan Sri Pinang


This is a great stage play ive ever act.
after 5months of torturing
The night worth it all

Behind the scenes:

Before Make up.
-Lady Thiang. xD-

-We, in gowns. xD-

-Uncle Thomas Cabin's make up. all WHITE-

-ChiewChiew. I'll lend u my shoulder, whenever u need it. =)-

Now, after MAKE UP.

-Me, E-laine-

-Bring that Rock & Roll. xD-

-Our beloved make up artist, June. TQ so much for the make up!-

-The giants and the dwarf-

i'll like to add-on some pictures DURING make up in progress

-my favourite make up-


Credits to all the following people.

-Dexter Chuah, Sound Manager-

-Winnie, the sponsor of Make up & hair do-

-Mr ____, Hair Stylist. omg, idk his name.-

-Brian Jon Dorai, King Mongkut. Kyle Chan Wei Ren, Prince Chulalongkorn-

-Melvin Tan Kee-Tat, Stage Manager-

-Audrey Teh, Wife-

-Benedict Weerasena, Student Director. Jasawendie Lim, Princess & Opening dance Dancer-

-TanTingTing, Princess & Opening dance Dancer-

-Benard Nathan, Sir Edward Ramsay-

-Regina Tan Yun Ru, Wife & Angel-

-Benjamin Zephaniah Han, Crew who helps with my mic-

-Stephanie Tan, Student Manager & Emcee-

-Koay Yi Lin, Princess Tuptim-

-Gary Phuah Kok Hao, Minister-

i'm sorry to those i dint mention.
Great Job EveryOne.

Major Update

There are lots of happening recently
Schedule Full.

BUT i do enjoyed myself.

1. International Jamboree@Pusat Kokurikulum, Bukit Mertajam
A music camp which bring all the students from all around Asean.
Cambodia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia...................etc

We are in The Culture Tent
We teach dances: Indian Dance, Chinese Dance, Joget and Joghee
Had lots of fun playing around, dancing and laughing around.

Bought a new dress from Reject Shop@Sunway Carnival
Ms Girlie and Pn Moli stopped by there to watch the Band's Competition.
Drinks served in the camp.
Food there are really....
Those who attend the camp definitely got slimmed down.
The last Day of the camp,
Performing JAIHO
seemed to attract many of the participants.
They Love Jaiho!
2. The King And I
Deadly Rehearsal for the whole week

Gotta try on some of the wives' dress
I wan i wan!
It is I, Lady Thiang.
3. McD
So long never go McD kheng Kai with my ji mui dy
only some of them turn up
but it's ok
we need only 4 kaki for chor tai ti

camwhoring with ai tee's new hp.
damn chun mia hp, if it's for camming purpose la.xD
-ahyun is trying to pose like... hunter? i suppose. AI TEE! why aint u pose like BOOMER!?!-
-as usual, me and chiew chiew trying to act. cute. xD