Valuable & Best Christmas.

it's xm'as eve.
cant wait to go out with jujube
playing cosplay b u t

unfortunately my mum dont allow my extreme cos
so i can just touch up on my make up!
so paiseh have to let jujube wait me infront of 7-11 for about 30min.

p/s : minta maaf, Miss Koong.
Sampai QBM around 2.30pm
makan makan di TGI Friday.
YumYum for the Whipped Potato
Average for the San Francisco
No Comment for the Chicken.

After makanmakan
we just walk around, camwhoring
peek wins. xD
shopps for my dad's gift.

Met james and chaoz.
Brought her back to my house for dinner
makan “凤爪”and MangKuang Char!
*not really know how to say it cause it's in dialect Hokkien.
Then we keep surfing about the way to wins house! xD
after we got our way form my u n c l e s.
at last
we move to the playground somewhr near my hse
back to my beloved c h i l d h o o d memory
send her home by 10pm

Balik rumah.
My mum say " let hang out"
me, Dad, Mum, Dear, Brenda, Kelly && Qing
together we go to Penang Bowl.
6 games until 12am++
after playing
makanmakan di GreenHouse.
Sampai rumah 2am.
this is my 1st time hang out with family until so late.
wonderful christmas.

We Love Kerachut

Today is a beautiful Wednesday
12 family members went for jungle trekking to Pantai Kerachut
woke up at 6.30am and leave the house at 7.45am

we reach there about 9am
start trekking after written evryone's name down in a report list.
who knows somebody may get lost in the jungle. in case la.

It's been a LOOOOOONG time when i last trekking in a jungle.
many stairs.
a few steep areas
more going up than going down

but it's fun.
the speaker of the group, Ms. Thum Wei Mang
speaks the mOst.

Keep looking for the signboard to see the distance to Pantai Kerachut
at last...
after 1H30M
we reach the Most beautiful beach in Penang

Not even a piece of rubbish in the sea.
busy taking pictures, talking, playing

we call up the MrBoat to fetch us back by boat
tOoo lazy to walk && many people wish to travel on boat cause lama tak duduk/ tak pernah duduk.

Those waves make our boat bouncing.
saw some unique stones
a flat stone looks like turtle ( and we saw a really turtle! )
a big one looks like crocodile.

according to the MrBoat
he says tht if we're lucky
we may see dolphin swimming around the boat
so cool.

reach the jetty around 12.30pm
rm90 for family joy.

w o r t h y

p/s: For photos, kindly proceed to

When PFS meets PRS


Depart from PFS at 6.30am
cant wait to reach Ranong as soon as possible.

12hours later...

still on our way to Ranong.
going thru those hillway makes my head spinning.
i can just sit thr and pray that ranong comes faster.

Reach Ranong and we have to change into our school uniform
Reach Pichai at 8pm and we were welcomed with flowers, cake and drinks.
how sweet.
After those long winded speech
we were divided into different fosters

That's not the end of the day
we have to go dinner and prepare for a dance in Ranong Walking Street.
after the dance
we manage to try those fried lavas and worms.
no more bugs.


had a great night in my foster home.
more like resorts than a house!
prepare for school from 7.30am to 4pm
it's tiring but fun.

after school
we manage to go BoNahmRon which is Ranong's famous hot spring.

we also slp on a site that is really hot and nice to slp.


Woke up at 6.15am
preparing ourself to school

this time we sit behind the truck.
1st time in my life.
it's so damn cold.
the wind blowed strongly.
i love it.

we had our chemistry today.
not as boring as Bio ytd.
A new fren came.
she's the smart one in class. =)

after school
we get to go Andaman sea to view the scenery of the myanmar border and the sunset
Dinner in Parknum seafood.
fresh oyster.
Went tesco Lotus for sim card out of stock.

Wednesday morning. prepare for school.
after school we played volleyball with those guys
they are good in vball.
and i realize one thing from that.
*intan got ballphobia. pss.
had fun la.

after school we go night market near my foster house...
quite big
bought some body glitters and fake lashes and souvenirs and food and drinks.
after that,
we meet up suhanesh and his foster
together we go to ...
some kinda place to feed fish, view scenery
after tht
we stop by a shop and buy some "kayu" which means cashew nuts in Thai
bought a can of Thai coke for dad.


2days before going back Penang
playing around with friends in school
many of the teachers are absent due to their visits in other provinces.
we go to the library
walk around the school
and we joke about intan and her gossip boyfriend, Champ.

He’s a nice guy but a little too quiet
too shy to talk

We just had fun talking and gossiping.
I love Jew
She’s one of my best Thai friend in School
I miss her!
I always joke about her boyfriend’s name, Hua which means head
Hua is like a kind of ape’s sound.

school ends.
had a cup of orange ice blended and twist potato.

Meet up Anthony, a singer and guitarist from Thailand band, LaOngFong
Together we went Chinese restaurant and we had a fabulous experience there.
after dinner,
we went for dessert nearby Jane’s house
Soymilk with “you char kuih”


1 more day and I have to leave this great place.
start to feel abit reluctant.
have our dancing practices
saw their thai dance
really makes me inpressed.
talk about bow.
I got myself a bow as it looks so trendy in Ranong.

Ready to make up
I accidentally splited Yen’s blushes
p/s : sorry yen!

prepare for the dance
my 1st dance : Timang burung
I got stuck in the dress when I try to get up after kneeling down.
but luckily I got to get up and continue with my dance and SMILE.

continue with Bole Cudiya, Chinese Dance, Chomali, Canggung and lastly Rasa Sayang.
it’s tiring but fun.
after dance we get to take pictures with the Thai
lots of pictures.
pack up costumes and prepare for the night dinner

wearing cheongsam
any everyone said that I look nice.
jking. keke
just went there a while cause i wana send my foster, Bua and Jane to the Terminal
they are going Bangkok to consult the dentist
so sad and I feel like tearing.

At night
we try to visit some other place that’s not visited
then we visited 7-11 too
bought some lays which cost me around 20baht ONLY!



is the day that I dunwana face
we have to leave the school, friends and family
although it’s only 1 week
but we spend lots of time together.
everyone is crying and hugging each other.
I miss Ranong

Kindly visit for photos.

Devilly Dance Pratice.

there we go again.
d a n c i n g p r a c t i c e s
we have to learn up around 6 new dances and 2 learnt dances.
it's quite KILLING me but im enjoying it.
we were told that right after we reach Ranong
we have to perform due to the Pesta Ranong
right after 14 hours of sitting in the bus.
H.O.P.E.F.U.L.L.Y. that teacher will choose easy dance so that we no need to think also know what to dance.

i Got Jacob Black in my Hand!

went gurney plaza with my cousin
visit popular and POOF
The Twilight Saga New Moon by Stephen Meyer appear right infront of my eyes

got a piece of RM50
and without doubt bought rm44.90 novel instead of the RM34.90
because of the exclusive poster inside.

so cool... i read till chapter 2 : stitches only
going to continue tomorrow.

Saving money for another Jacob Black book.

The End Of The World : 2012

Went and watch 2012 with my family
3Adults, 5 students & 1 children.
it was quite cold as it's weekday.

bought 4 large combos.
which included 8 L-sized drinks & 4 L-sized popcorns.

movie at 2.45pm
went in at 2.45pm
how punctual we were.
First 3 rows.
it's quite pathetic of us cause it's theatre 12
but nvm.
still we watch till the end of the movie.

The movie is quite okay la...
quite touching also..
my 10 yrs old cousin watch till cry like a donkey.
he cried when the part Noah found that Jackson didnt appear behind him after fixing the gate of the arch.
i shed too. xD


through this movie.
i learnt.
human should help human in a sense of humanity + civilization
and the most important thing is

FLY TO CHINA BY 20-12-2012.

The Twilight Saga : New Moon

at last watched twilight d.
so cool la weh.
especially JACOB BLACK!!
i quite like the story mia
but tht mr loh chee woon seems like so boring sitting there
pity him.
i told MrChuahHaoJie about the muscular Jake
he said he wana go for gym pulak.
i keep saying Jacob at home
and my cousin curse me that tonight he will come and fine me
i love that curse.
what can i say

i Jacob Black!